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So Much More Than a Countertop Measurement Calculator

Increase Profits, Precision, and Efficiency With ActionFlow’s Countertop Drawing Tool

There was a time in the not-so-distant past that countertop fabricators had to record measurements on pen and paper. From there, they could share crude drawings or head back to the office and then email computer-generated images to a customer. Thanks to ActionFlow’s robust, easy-to-use countertop drawing software, your field staff can take measurements and generate quick, accurate drawings to share with customers in real time.

Our countertop measurement calculator automatically generates scaled and labeled images of various materials and options your customer is considering and attaches them to the quotes you provide. ActionFlow’s drawing tool lets your team create drawings based on customer-submitted dimensions and send over an estimate until you can schedule a time to take precise measurements and offer an exact quote.

How ActionFlow’s Countertop Drawing Tool Improves Quoting

The precise drawings generated by ActionFlow’s countertop measurement calculator are integral to profitable quoting. The precision-based measurements align your quotes with true material costs and minimize slab waste. Additionally, our quoting module automates pricing structures, discounts, and line items to minimize the risk of calculation errors or overlooked components. The quoting software provides real-time feedback on profit margins so you can make sure you’re quoting a competitive price that still brings in the revenue your business needs to remain financially sound.

Schedule Your Countertop Drawing Software Demonstration

It’s one thing to read about ActionFlow’s countertop drawing tools—seeing them put to use is another. If you want to experience what it’s like to work with our countertop drawing software, reach out today to schedule a free demonstration.

Create Advanced Drawings With ActionFlow’s Countertop Drawing Software

Whether designing a marble, quartz, onyx, or granite countertop, ActionFlow’s countertop drawing software goes beyond basic capabilities. The design tool empowers you to create advanced drawings for quotes that include various custom aspects, including:

  • Second edges
  • Dimension locations
  • Angles
  • Arcs
  • Bumpouts or notches
  • Ellipses
  • L Tops
  • Radius
  • Cutouts
  • Splits
  • Seams
  • Extract splashes
  • Sink cutouts and faucet layouts

ActionFlow Is More Than a Countertop Measurement Calculator

ActionFlow’s countertop drawing tool is vital in making your processes more efficient, but it’s just one of the many modules that can streamline your operations. Let’s explore how our software simplifies every phase of the countertop fabrication process, from developing renderings to securely storing project data:

Detailed Drawings and Quotes

The countertop drawing software lets you quickly generate drawings and quotes that include all custom and advanced elements like backsplashes, miters, and bumpouts. Your field staff can upload all information in the countertop drawing app to eliminate delays and give customers an instant view of their plans.

Customized Reporting

ActionFlow’s reporting module allows you to give your clients a visual layout of their kitchen countertops and customizable reports that include additional information you want to ensure they see.

Automated Messaging and Follow Up

With one simple click, ActionFlow sends preformulated emails that include quotes, specific documentation, and any relevant attachments you choose. You can also automate follow-up emails to ease your sales teams’ workload and ensure no potential sales slip through the cracks.

Secured Storage

ActionFlow automatically stores all quotes, emails, and drawings in each job’s private cloud storage database. This allows authorized users in your organization to access measurements, job histories, quotes, or any other critical information through our mobile app whenever and wherever they need it.

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