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Access the Information You Need With ActionFlow’s Process Management Application

Boost Efficiency and Productivity With ActionFlow’s Field Service Mobile App

How often have you rescheduled an appointment because another company working on a project hit a delay? Maybe a job was pushed back or lost because someone from your team misplaced handwritten notes and measurements. With ActionFlow’s mobile countertop app, these issues are a thing of the past.

Our process management application allows your field staff to take photographs, get measurements, search inventory, check job histories, and upload information into job files in real time. That way, even if another aspect is put on hold, your team is ready to handle a countertop installation as soon as possible.

Improve the Customer Experience With ActionFlow

ActionFlow does more than enhance efficiency and productivity—it also acts as a client database app. Our inventory management module lets you check the availability of specific slabs and accurately project completion dates based on what is and isn’t in stock. When you can provide customers with the answers they’re looking for, you shorten conversion times and make more sales. Just as important, our mobile app helps build strong customer relationships that result in more future business and valuable referrals.

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Do you want to take the next step in seeing how powerful our field service mobile app is? Reach out to ActionFlow to schedule your free demonstration and see how we can transform your business firsthand.

Provide Faster, More Accurate Quotes With ActionFlow’s Countertop App

Without a process management application, your company is likely to lose time and prospects to antiquated quoting steps. ActionFlow’s quoting module saves time by eliminating the time-consuming processes of calculating price structures, figuring out discounts, and adding line items. Our field service mobile app automates these steps, enabling your team to provide profitable, competitive bids and close deals onsite. Best of all, our countertop app gives instant feedback on profit margins so you can confidently bid on a project knowing you’re bringing in the revenue you need to grow your business.

Only Pay for What You Need From Our Process Management Application

Based on your specific operations and objectives, you may need different solutions than other organizations in your field. That’s why ActionFlow offers three subscription options—all of which offer simple pricing without contracts.

Along with our tiered subscriptions, we offer various a la carte add-ins and partner integrations options. With ActionFlow’s robust software and countertop app, you can bolster your operations and processes through:

  • CRM software: ActionFlow’s CRM module lets your team track projects from start to finish. From easily sharing drawings to conveniently providing payment links, there’s no more straightforward way to leave a positive impression than with ActionFlow.
  • Dedicated support: Need assistance with populating detailed reports? Struggling to access inventory records? ActionFlow’s dedicated support services provide timely solutions from a reliable support technician with a deep understanding of your business to minimize disruptions.
  • Reporting: Our robust reporting module lets you generate various reports that provide valuable insights. And with our process management application, you can create multiple reports for the same project that test different scenarios to help choose what’s best for you and your customers.
  • ActionPay: Say goodbye to prolonged revenue cycles and AR times thanks to ActionPay. Our payment module automatically generates invoices and sends them as easy-to-access emails with links that let your customers pay for your services without needing to send anything in the mail.
  • Countertop drawing: Replace pen and paper with precision and productivity. ActionFlow’s drawing module in the field service mobile app lets your team take highly accurate measurements for even the most complex designs and upload the information to generate detailed drawings. These drawings also help you provide more profitable and competitive quotes.
  • Barcoding: With the barcoding module of our countertop app, your sales team no longer has to guess or wait for someone at your warehouse to let a customer know if a slab is available. They can quickly and easily check availability and offer similar options for out-of-stock materials, helping you shorten the sales cycle and close more deals.

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