Paperless App for Countertop Fabricators

Experience the Efficiency of Paperless Document Management

Streamline Jobsite Processes With Paperless Document Management

From a spilled cup of coffee to a lost or stolen briefcase, a lot can happen to paper documents before they make it to a filing cabinet. And without completed documents containing customer signatures and crucial information like material type, quoted prices, and drawings, you risk running into delays or losing business. With ActionFlow’s paperless app, you have a robust document-sending and storage tool that improves efficiency and reliability.

Our paperless project management software empowers your authorized users to seamlessly use a mobile device for:

  • Filling in forms
  • Generating signature requests
  • Uploading quotes, templates, and records
  • Submitting documents signed by customers

With ActionFlow’s paperless app, you save time, reduce paper costs, and ensure project details are never lost again.

The Benefits of ActionFlow’s Paperless Project Management App

Our paperless project management and the digital signature app give your field and fabrication teams real-time access to customer accounts, inventory data, and installation completion checklists. And because users can download all the forms they need at the start of their workday, they can still use the paperless app even if they don’t have access to an internet connection. All they need to do is upload the completed files once they gain access, and all information is sent to PCs back at the office and other users within the app.

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Close More Deals and Move Projects Along With Our Digital Signature App

If you don’t have a way for potential customers to electronically sign a contract or receive quotes instantly, you risk them finding a company that does. Don’t lose a sale because a lead had to wait for you to mail over paperwork or head back to the office to write a quote. ActionFlow’s digital signature app streamlines the signing process by letting a customer sign via a mobile device and even submit payment through our ActionPay module. All your field staff needs to do is drag and drop the document via the app, and it’s ready for your in-office team or mobile app users to view.

The Paperless App Is Just One of ActionFlow’s Many Powerful Tools

Paperless document management is just one of the ways ActionFlows can make your business more profitable, efficient, and customer-friendly. We offer three subscription packages, various a la carte add-ins, and partner integrations so your business can customize our software to ensure it’s only paying for what it needs. Best of all, there’s no need to sign a contract.

We also provided dedicated support during normal business hours. So if you ever need to troubleshoot an issue or need assistance generating a detailed report, your account manager is ready to help.. ActionFlow’s software has a variety of modules to enhance your process development and automation, quoting, scheduling, and inventory management initiatives, including:

We utilize secure cloud-based storage to ensure your organization has access to business-critical information anytime, anywhere. Whether you need to access a signature in the paperless app or check on a slab’s availability in the inventory management module, ActionFlow simplifies every step of the process.

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