Inventory Barcode System for Countertop Fabricators

Increase Efficiency and Profitability With Barcode Labels

Never Lose Track of a Slab Again With ActionFlow’s Barcode Inventory Software

As a business owner, you understand that human errors are inevitable. The key is to set your employees up for success and provide them with the tools they need to keep mistakes to a minimum. With ActionFlow’s inventory barcode system, everyone in your organization, from the inventory manager to the install team, can track inventory and ensure that slabs are sent to the right project site.

Our barcoding software enables you to easily print barcode labels upon receipt of inventory. Taking advantage of real-time inventory tracking is vital in making sound financial decisions and maintaining product levels that don’t disrupt cash flows. ActionFlow’s inventory barcode system also helps improve the customer experience by allowing your sales team to know the availability of the slabs each customer is interested in.

Simplify Your Operations With ActionFlow’s Barcode Printer

Once a shipment of countertop materials arrives, you can easily print weather-resistant barcode labels and adhere them to individual slabs. This gives any authorized user in your organization access to data about products and your sales team the ability to check availability through the mobile app so they can close deals without delay.

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The Benefits of ActionFlow’s Inventory Barcode System

When you integrate our barcode inventory management module into your business operations, you experience a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency: Not only does manually entering product data leave your business open to entry errors, but it is also much more time consuming. With ActionFlow’s barcode inventory software, you can add products, gain instant access to product data, and view inventory counts with a simple swipe of a barcode label.
  • Real-time updates: Once a barcode label is scanned, ActionFlow’s inventory barcode system is automatically updated in real time. This makes it easier for your sales team to offer in-stock products to customers and more accurately predict installation dates.
  • Reduced costs: Carrying too much inventory or having untracked remnants can significantly affect your bottom line. ActionFlow’s inventory barcode system increases long-term profitability by ensuring you have an accurate look at inventory counts and don’t order too much of a product. Using barcode printers and labels dramatically diminishes the time and resources you must devote to inventory management.
  • Simplified processes: ActionFlow is an intuitive barcode inventory software that requires little training or expertise to utilize fully. Using our barcode scanning system eliminates the need for team members to memorize product codes or data sets because all the information is accessible through a scan of a barcode label.
  • Complete customization: ActionFlow can create 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes (matrix or QR codes), or custom labels. Additionally, ActionFlow’s barcode inventory software enables youtube to assign proprietary names to materials to prevent prospective clients from shopping your bid with competitors.

ActionFlow’s Capabilities Go Far Beyond Printing and Scanning Barcode Labels

ActionFlow is a complete solution for countertop fabricators. We offer our software as three subscription packages, a la carte add-ins, and partner integrations. When you integrate ActionFlow into your business, you’re backed by our dedicated support services. As our client, you have a single point of contact to reach out to for troubleshooting, integrating, or developing custom reports.

ActionFlow’s software has process development and automation, quoting, field and fabrication scheduling, and inventory management modules. We use cloud-based storage so you can securely access critical information from anywhere with an internet connection at any time. And you can download project information and schedules at the beginning of the day so that even if your field staff can’t access an internet connection, they can still view need-to-know details.

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