Cloud-Based Data Storage for Countertop Fabricators

Advancing Business Processes Through Cloud Data Access

Gain Greater Access to Customer Data With Cloud-Based Storage

It happens to the best of us—someone from your team shows up for a sales, template, or installation appointment and realizes they don’t have all the information they need. Anything from paperwork left on a desk to incomplete customer profiles can throw off scheduling and frustrate your customers. But with ActionFlow’s cloud-based data storage, you can make these challenges a thing of the past.

We utilize the power of Microsoft Azure as our customer data cloud so you have a safe and secure storage solution. Cloud storage enables your field employees to retrieve critical information from any Windows PC or through our mobile app, no matter where they are or when they need it. And to ensure the availability, security, and reliability of your critical data, it is automatically backed up and stored in data centers at multiple locations throughout the country.

Customized Cloud Data Access Settings

Having real-time accessibility, file sharing, downloading, and uploading capabilities is a tremendous advantage of ActionFlow’s cloud-based business process management software. But as with any cloud-based storage solution, security must be a consideration. You can set custom permissions to keep your customer data cloud safe from unauthorized access. This limits who can view, download, or share files so that your business and customers are protected at all times.

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What Can Be Stored in a Customer Data Cloud?

ActionFlow’s cloud-based data storage gives your organization secure access to a wide range of datasets and information, including:

  • Job history
  • Customer files
  • Photos
  • Quotes
  • DXFs
  • Contracts
  • Much more

Your Source for Cloud-Based Business Process Management Solutions

ActionFlow’s process development and automation software provides more than cloud-based data storage. Cloud storage offers your business a way to streamline processes through automation, view detailed reporting, and simplify tasks like scheduling and quoting.

The CRM module empowers automated customer follow-up messages to confirm the time and date of template and installation appointments. Cloud data access also enables your field staff to instantly obtain inventory information to notify customers of slabs and accurately estimate project start dates.

Dedicated Cloud-Based Data Storage Support

ActionFlow’s cloud storage services include dedicated support from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. If a cloud-based data storage issue limits access to vital information or causes issues, your dedicated account manager quickly solves the problem to minimize downtime. Our U.S.-based support team is never outsourced. In fact, from the day your account is created, you have a single point of contact with a deep understanding of your business to contact in times of need.

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