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Delivering Profits and Peace Since 2011

Our Mission Statement

ActionFlow exists to provide countertop fabricators with a powerful business management solution that results in profits and fosters peace.

The History of ActionFlow

ActionFlow began as an idea of Reese Watt, our founder, who wanted to develop a business management solution that improves efficiency, organization, and overall company profitability. He worked part-time to create the early stages of what would become our signature product.

In 2017, Kim Davis was brought on as a full-time employee, and we started building our client base. In 2020, our business and team began to grow rapidly. By November 2021, we surpassed 100 clients nationwide. As more countertop fabricators learn about and experience the incredible impact our process development and automation, quoting, field and fabrication scheduling, and inventory management solutions have, we continue to expand.

ActionFlow’s CORE FOCUS™

Purpose: Achieving Profits & Peace
Our Niche: Define, Automate, & Simplify Recurring Processes

Our Core Values

  1. We develop powerful solutions that are simple and elegant.
  2. We work hard but will not sacrifice relationships, balance, and fun.
  3. We focus on growth, but will not make promises we cannot keep.
  4. We strive for excellence while recognizing the importance of grace.

Our Process

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