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Increase Efficiency and Profitability With ActionFlow’s Automated Business Management Solutions

The countertop fabrication industry is littered with outdated processes and inefficiencies. From enterprise-level to small businesses, owners tend to adopt the attitude, “that’s how we’ve always done it.” While your tried-and-true methods may work some of the time, they’re likely holding you back from experiencing your actual earning potential. With ActionFlow’s countertop fabrication software, you can complete more jobs, enhance communications, increase accountability, manage inventory more accurately, and increase sales while devoting less time and effort to each task.

Our stone fabrication software has modules designed to simplify each aspect of your business. Whether you’re looking for a customer relationship management tool or a mobile app with cloud-based storage to give your team remote access to critical information, ActionFlow optimizes your daily operations.

How ActionFlow Out Delivers Other Countertop Fabrication Management Software Providers

ActionFlow isn’t the only countertop fabrication management software available, but it is the best. No other option has as many integrated features or powerful business management tools. And we’re not getting comfortable at the top—our innovators constantly listen to client feedback so we can improve our product offerings to serve them better.

To further enhance your customer experience, we provide dedicated in-house support. From the moment you become a client, you’re assigned a designated account manager who creates your systems, trains your team, and acts as your single point of contact for ongoing support. This ensures you have someone with a deep understanding of your business and its operations to help you troubleshoot issues, create detailed reports, or integrate add-in features promptly. When you choose ActionFlow, you’re not just choosing a countertop fabrication software—you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your success.

Our All-In-One Countertop Fabrication Software

From efficient scheduling and routing to convenient and customer-friendly payment options, ActionFlow’s business management solutions make it easier to manage projects by automating tedious day-to-day tasks that take your focus away from high-priority objectives.

Schedule Your Free Countertop Fabrication Software Demonstration

With so many business management solutions built into our software, it’s hard to fully understand its capabilities without seeing them put to use. Reach out to ActionFlow today to schedule a free demonstration of our countertop fabrication software and see firsthand how it can enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability at your business.

Choose a Business Management Solution That Fits Your Needs and Budget

Not every countertop fabrication organization has the same needs or budget. To help you advance your business and simplify operations, ActionFlow offers our countertop fabrication software solutions in three separate subscription packages. Our a la carte add-ins allow you to supplement your package with helpful tools, and we can integrate your business with our partners to enhance your workflows.

Our subscriptions do not require you to sign a contract or make any long-term commitments.

Basic Subscription Package

ActionFlow’s Basic countertop fabrication software subscription package includes powerful integrated quoting, basic scheduling, and DXF import tools. The package includes our mobile app, cloud-based data storage powered by Microsoft Azure, and a dedicated account manager for implementation, training, and ongoing support. This subscription includes 4 users and is only $200 per month.

Standard Subscription Package

Our Standard fabrication management software subscription package comes with all the Basic package features and tools for highly efficient process automation, advanced scheduling, and top labeling tools. ActionFlow’s paperless app and best practice advisory services are also included at the Standard level. This subscription includes 4 users and is only $400 per month.

Enterprise Subscription Package

ActionFlow’s most robust subscription is our Enterprise package. This package includes everything in the Basic and Standard packages as well as our inventory module. It also gives you access to Quickbooks integrations, advanced metrics, and hourly definitions. Our Enterprise package includes 4 users and is only $600 per month.

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