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Always Know What You Have in Stock With an Automated Inventory Management System

Efficiently Order, Receive, and Track Materials With ActionFlow’s Automated Inventory Management System

Whether you operate a large enterprise or a job shop, inventory management has a tremendous impact on your bottom line. You’re sure to miss out on sales if you have insufficient inventory levels for popular materials. Likewise, you’re sitting on sunken costs and losing storage space if you have a stockpile of hard-to-move slabs. With ActionFlow’s inventory management software, you can effortlessly generate and send out purchase orders and allocate inventory toward projects based on need.

Manual processes for inventory data entry are time consuming and not cost effective. They also increase the risk of entry errors throwing off your stock counts, delaying projects, or losing a sale because an available slab was listed as out of stock. ActionFlow’s inventory management system uses accurate and efficient barcoding to automatically update stock levels and enable sales teams to access real-time data through the mobile app during a sales pitch to turn a prospect into a customer. With ActionFlow, you have a worry-free way to manage inventory, save time on tedious business processes, and increase profits.

The Benefits of ActionFlow’s Inventory Management System

ActionFlow’s innovative and intuitive inventory management system makes it easier for all facets of your business to operate smoothly. And the less time you spend inputting data to spreadsheets and hand-counting inventory, the more time you have to focus on making more sales, increasing fabrication output, and growing your business.

There are many benefits to integrating inventory management software into your business processes, including:

  • Increased profits: Investing in materials that sell quickly rather than those that don’t translates to more sales and less overstock.
  • Remnant tracking: Your team can input remnant sizes into ActionFlow’s inventory management software after the fabrication process. This inventory control level allows you to locate an exact remnant from a previous job or repurpose it to a new one. Maximizing stone usage dramatically reduces waste and significantly increases profits.
  • Improved access: ActionFlow utilizes cloud-based storage for our automated inventory management system. That means any authorized user can access inventory levels, track slabs, or write a quote at any time from anywhere.
  • Enhanced customer experience: One of inventory automation’s most significant advantages is its effect on your customers. ActionFlow’s automated inventory management system gives an accurate view of your stock levels, so you never have to worry about upsetting a customer again.

Our Inventory Management Software Modules

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ActionFlow Is a Complete Solution for Countertop Fabricators

Automated inventory management software is just one of the many powerful tools provided by ActionFlow. And with three subscription packages to choose from, you can rest assured you’re only paying for the solutions you need and use. Best of all, our subscriptions require no contract or long-term commitments.

Though our software is user friendly, we understand there will be times you need help troubleshooting an issue or guidance on things like generating custom reports. To help make this as quick and easy as possible, you’re assigned a dedicated support technician in charge of your account. That means when you call for support, you’re speaking with someone who’s been with you since the day you created your account and understands your business.

Process Development and Automation

We offer a variety of process development and automation modules to make your business more effective. Our CRM software helps build strong client relationships through enhanced communications and end-to-end tracking. You can also use ActionFlow to populate detailed reports that give valuable insights into your business and projected results of various scenarios. And the ActionPay module creates convenient payment links for customers, significantly reducing the payment cycle.


ActionFlow’s countertop drawing module lets you leave pen and paper behind. Produce highly accurate renderings for even the most complex countertop shapes and include custom elements for the most accurate, competitive, and profitable quotes. Our software even gives instant feedback on profit margins to ensure you’re not undercutting yourself with a bid.

Field and Fabrication Scheduling

Don’t let inefficient routing add unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicles, increase fuel costs, and limit the number of jobs you can complete in a day. ActionFlow’s field and fabrication scheduling module makes scheduling simple and gives your field and sales teams any time, anywhere access to critical information through our mobile app. Your teams can also close more processes along and close more deals by collecting signatures and uploading contracts onsite using our paperless app.

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