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All-In-One Software with the Powerful Tools You Need

  • CRM

    Retain hard-earned leads, increase your revenue and generate raving client reviews with a Customer Relation Management solution that works. Provide your countertop business with a flexible solution that adapts to your business’s needs and assists you in developing a customer experience your clients are sure to notice.

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  • Quoting

    Draw, calculate, track, and quickly e-mail professional quotes to your clients faster and more efficiently than ever before. Customizable pricing structures enable you to make the most out of every dollar spent and know your profit margins for each job, every time.

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  • Process Development & Automation

    Perfect your business’s day to day operations with ActionFlow’s Process Automation. Eliminate the stressful frustration and the daunting expense of poor structure and miscommunication throughout your company. Develop an automated process that will turn lost profits, frustration and worry into a thing of the past.

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  • Field & Fabrication Scheduling

    Make the most out of every minute. Save time and streamline your countertop fabrication facility with automatic fabrication scheduling based on installation dates. Easily schedule the most efficient route for your template and installation teams in a matter seconds. Keep everyone in the loop with the information your team needs at a glance to make fast and informed decisions with confidence.

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  • Inventory Management

    Automate your inventory management process to keep your whole team in the loop at the click of the button. Generate and send Purchase Orders directly from ActionFlow and quickly assign inventory items to the applicable jobs. Automatically update your project managers when materials have been ordered and received to save time and prevent miscommunication. Learn More
  • Cloud Data Storage

    Access your customer and business data from virtually anywhere. Independent digital customer files help you stay organized and provide your team a safe and secure place to store customer job files such as quotes, reports, photos, dxfs and other project related data.

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  • Barcoding

    Track your inventory with increased efficiency by implementation a barcode scanning system. Simply print barcode stickers upon receipt of material and scan them before fabrication to prevent costly mistakes.

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  • Reporting

    Robust and customizable reports to keep your and your management team on top of the ball. Stop trying to manage your business in the dark. Enlighten you and your team with power and insightful reports to make informed and profitable decisions.

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  • Mobile App

    Provide your team with an app that works. Access customer information, saved job files and your Do Now list from any mobile device. Upload files and scan inventory barcodes in one easy to use app. Learn More
  • ActionPay

    Save time, solve critical business challenges, and provide the best customer experience possible by streamlining payments with ActionFlow. Increase your cashflow with flexible and convenient payment options directly from job quotes that automatically update customer records. Learn More
  • Paperless App

    Upgrade your shop to go paperless! Make your company more eco-friendly, save on paper costs, and never lose client information again! Templators and Installers can view, update, and collect signatures on a tablet with the Paperless App! Learn More
  • Dedicated Support

    We know there are days where you may feel overwhelmed. At ActionFlow, you have a dedicated support person who is responsive and ready to help. Learn More

Develop Your Business Process
with ActionFlow Automation

With ActionFlow’s process automation, managing your business’s growth has never been easier. Our implementation specialists will provide you with the guidance and expertise your business needs to further develop and automate your processes. Our professional advising and unique software system will change the way you see business.

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