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Enhance Your Operations With Custom Reporting Tools

Gain Valuable Insights With ActionFlow’s Business Intelligence Reporting Software

How much money, time, and stress could you save if you didn’t have to enter data into Excel spreadsheets manually or source business process reports from disorganized stacks of paper? Inefficient or inaccurate reporting negatively impacts every facet of your business. ActionFlow’s custom reporting tools eliminate data sourcing complications by giving everyone in your organization real-time access to the information they need to close more deals and install more countertops in a centralized, easy-to-use platform.

Our powerful process development and automation software collects data and generates detailed reports based on your chosen information. ActionFlow’s user-friendly software, cloud data storage, and mobile app enable you to conveniently view reporting features for a wide range of scenarios from anywhere with an internet connection. The result is focused business process reports that help your sales team advance their sales process and enable managers to analyze activity report data to identify improvement areas.

Take Advantage of Custom Reporting Tools and Settings

There’s no questioning the convenience of any time, anywhere access to business intelligence reporting and analytics tools, but you don’t always want everyone to have unrestricted access. With ActionFlow, you can set permissions and restrict access to any business process reports or reporting features so that sensitive information and analytics tools are only accessible to authorized users.

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Supplying You With Endless Business Process Report Options

ActionFlow reporting tools mean you can provide anyone from sales reps to fabricators with focused business process reports, like:

  • Job site details
  • Line item worksheets
  • Payments
  • Red flags
  • Spans
  • Totals by account, material, or role
  • Uploaded drawing

Enhance Reports With Data Visualization

ActionFlow is fully integratable with Microsoft’s Power BI reporting tools. This allows your team to populate business process reports that use graphs, charts, and other visualizations to make critical metrics stand out and more digestible.

Drive More Sales and Improve Customer Experiences With CRM Reporting

As a business operator, you understand the long-term success of your business is highly dependent on customer satisfaction. ActionFlow’s CRM reporting features allow you to look at past sales activity and business operations and gain deeper insights into your customers. Whether aggregating individual field worker performance data or your sales team’s follow-up rates, our reporting and CRM software ensure you have the data needed to set your business up to exceed customer expectations.

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