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Increase Profits and Efficiency With Automated Quoting Software

Few aspects of the sales process are more important than quotes and proposals. Your sales quotes need to be attractively priced to draw buyers’ interest but also leave enough margin for your business to remain profitable. With ActionFlow’s countertop quote software, your sales team is equipped with the most potent quoting solution on the market.

Our automated quoting software goes far beyond the basics of creating and sending estimates to customers. ActionFlow’s innovative features save time by allowing you to create quotes with any number of custom features and automate pricing structures, discounts, and line items. You also receive instant feedback on margins, so you don’t accidentally undercut your profits.

The Benefits of ActionFlow’s Countertop Quote Software

When you implement our automated quoting software with your business operations, your organization experiences a wide variety of advantages, including:

Instant Results

The traditional way of visiting a job site, taking measurements, discussing countertop material options, and then returning to the office to calculate a bid costs you opportunities and money. While you’re doing the math to write a quote, your competitors are using automated quoting software to provide prospective customers with a quote without delay. ActionFlow’s countertop quote software allows your sales team to get a signature on the bottom line and move the project forward before another fabricator has a chance to put in a bid.

Streamlined Quoting Processes

Pen and paper drawings and manually crunching numbers leaves your business susceptible to inefficiencies and inaccuracies caused by human error. ActionFlow’s automated quoting software drastically reduces the time it takes to populate a profitable quote.

Remote Quoting

As the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, your business needs to be versatile and have remote capabilities. Using the countertop quote software and cloud-based storage, you can enter length and width measurements provided by a customer to make drawings and write online quotes that are automatically emailed to them.

More Projects Completed

When you drastically decrease the time devoted to making drawings, writing quotes, and organizing sales documentation using ActionFlow’s automated quoting software, your team can focus on making more pitches and closing more deals.

Accurate Project Management

The line item automation feature of ActionFlow’s countertop quote software accurately predicts how long a project should take to complete. This means you can schedule more jobs in advance without fears of delays or backlogs.

Features of ActionFlow’s Automated Quoting Software

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ActionFlow is Your Complete Countertop Fabrication Solution

ActionFlow’s countertop quote software isn’t the only way our automated solutions simplify your processes and drive business growth. As a complete solution, our software also features modules for various tasks, including:

Dedicated Support

You’re assigned a dedicated support specialist when we create your client account. Whether you need to troubleshoot your mobile app or require help to generate intricate reports, you can rely on ActionFlow to be there when you need us most.

Custom, Advanced Drawings

Our innovative countertop drawing module allows your field staff to input various edge profiles, backsplashes, bumpouts, sink cutouts, and other custom elements to make your quotes and timeframes as accurate as possible.

Simplified Scheduling

The field and fabrication scheduling module allows you to save time and money. The software’s features help you choose the most efficient routes for your field staff which helps your team install more countertops and reduce travel costs.

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