Cloud Data Storage

Safe and secure access to quotes, reports, photos, DXFs and customer history from any PC.

ActionFlow stores all its data on Microsoft Azure, providing you with access to all of your data, from any Windows PC.

secure data storage

Safe, Secure and Reliable Data Access

ActionFlow syncs all of its data with Microsoft Azure to enable access to all of your data from any pc. Copies of all your company data is automatically backed up in separate server locations across the nation to ensure optimal security and reliability for your countertop fabrication business.

All Your Customer Data – All In One Place

Every customer job is provided with a separate file to maintain organization and securely store customer quotes, photos, dxfs, contracts and more. Easily upload files from any computer or mobile device and provide your employees with permissions to view or download the files they require access to.
secure countertop business management

Access Data in the Field

Provide your sales, template and installation teams access to the data they need to prevent miscommunication and wasted time. Download the ActionFlow Mobile App on any mobile device to make the most of everything ActionFlow has to offer.

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