Powerful reports that provide invaluable insight to maintain control of your growing business.

ActionFlow provides your business with a long list of reports that can be modified to the needs of your business. Gain insight on information that before now was difficult and financially inefficient to obtain though traditional means.


Customizable Reports Built Around Your Business

Modify reports to support the needs of your business. Make as many versions as needed for different scenarios and set employee restrictions to provide limited access to specific reports.

Reports that Matter

Improve business operations and efficiency by gaining valuable insight into your business with reports such as reports for callbacks, jobsite details and even projected job cost vs actual job cost.

Integrate with Microsoft's Power BI

Quickly visualize key data for your business and gather critical metrics to help you make decisions.

Automatically Generate and Track Your Countertop Quotes

Quickly and efficiently generate and email accurate quote for your clients in minutes while simultaneously logging them in each jobs private cloud storage database.

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Physically map out your ActionFlow Automated Process with a bird’s eye view.