Actionflow Quoting Module

Put down the calculator and pick up the profits. Fast, accurate and profitable quotes - every time.

ActionFlow’s Quoting Module is the most effective and robust quoting software available. Save time and resources with automated pricing structures, discounts, and line items that your business spends countless hours generating every week. Provide your sales team with the ability to quickly generate profitable bids with confidence to close the deal on the spot.

Countertop fabrication quoting software

Stop Wondering And Start Knowing - Your Margins

Quickly and efficiently generate professional quotes in minutes while ActionFlow simultaneously calculates your cost, revenue, alternative materials, and profit margins. Make the daunting and inefficient task of using spreadsheets and calculators a distant memory.

Draw – Click – Send – Store

  • 1. Draw

    Quickly generate professional quotes including backsplashes, miters, cutouts, radius, arcs, bumpouts and more.

  • 2. Click

    Select from customizable reports to provide your clients with a visual layout along with the flexibility to select the information you want them to see.

  • 3. Send

    Send out a preformulated emails in 1 easy click. Automatically include specific documentation as an attachment along with your quote.

  • 4. Store

    ActionFlow automatically stores all quotes and emails sent into each jobs private cloud storage database. Pull the quote when you need it from any mobile device with our ActionFlow Mobile App.

quoting software interface

Close the Deal – Lock in The Dates

Schedule your field teams on the fly with ease. ActionFlow Scheduling gives you all the information you need at glace to cut your scheduling time down from minutes – to seconds.

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