Inventory Management Made Easy. Tracking Your Inventory From Start To Finish.

ActionFlow’s Barcoding System makes it easy for your sales team, inventory manager and accountant to track the availability of materials and to keep your company’s books up to date. Tracking this data will assist you in making better financial decisions by keeping your cashflow statements current. Easily print barcodes upon receipt of inventory and scan it in the shop to prevent costly mistakes. Barcoding with ActionFlow enhances your ability to track and maintain your inventory.

Countertop Barcoding

Quickly Print Barcodes Upon Receipt of Material

Upon receipt of your inventory, easily print scannable and weather resistant barcodes to glue to each individual slab. Access data visually for basic information or via the mobile to check availability to close the deal on the spot.

Stop Getting Shopped

Assign alias names to materials to prevent your prospect clients from shopping your bid.
countertop barcoding software UI

Not Knowing is Expensive

Feel like you are losing touch with your business? Stay in the loop with ActionFlow’s powerful reports. Save time and money by being in the know when it comes to your business.

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